E-commerce Explosion Challenges US Customs

Read about the dangers of the increased de minimus rule at the Journal Of Commerce: https://www.joc.com/regulation-policy/customs-regulations/us-customs-regulations/e-commerce’s-package-explosion-challenges-us-customs-cargo-processing_20180611.html?”

A Royal Wedding!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Whilst the nuptials of Harry & Meghan shall take place in London without our presence (we hate the paparazzi), the #JamesGang decided to make the best of it and donned our custom-made fascinators to celebrate the newest member of the House of Windsor.

God save the Queen!

Sir Rick of Mount Pleasant.

Princess Aubrey of Clemson

Lady Charity of Echon

Dame Clair

Sarah Doyon, Duchess of North Charleston

Lady Agnew of Imports

Lord Stasky, Royal Architect

AnneMarie of the Blaze

Thomas Jones, scion of Sir Richard

Dammit Dammit Dammit

Vicki Fabian, Lady of the Lake

Sir David, Court Jester

Queen Lucille, First of Her Name

Gabriel, Duke of Echon

Charleston Court

Sir Gary the Brave

Dame Jeanne of Chevron

Lady Michel-Anna and the royal baby

The Enchantress of VA

Sir Randall, the not-so-brave

The Savannah Court


GPA Breaks Ground on Mason Mega Rail

On Tuesday, March 27th, @GAPorts broke ground on the new Mason Mega Rail Terminal. From the GPA: The Mason Terminal is part of a comprehensive expansion plan that includes a deeper harbor, the largest ship-to-shore crane fleet of any U.S. terminal, adding 60 rubber-tired gantry yard cranes and expanding truck gates.

See details at http://www.masonmegarail.com .

GPA Executive Director Griff Lynch addresses the assembled crowd.


Celebrating our JSJ Employees with a little James Gang Employee Appreciation Week. Today, it’s Waffle Wednesday (mixed with a little Wayback & Western wear)… #JSJ75


Scarlett O’Hara serves waffles at Tara.




James Gang SAV showing off their style!


James Gang Rides Again!


Howdy Pardner!


ATL has BACON!!!

JSJ CLT – Open for Exports!

We are proud to announce that John S. James Co. in Charlotte, NC is OPEN FOR EXPORTS! Our team in CLT is ready, willing and able to serve the CLT air and ocean export markets. What can we move for you?

Contact us at sales.