Savannah Georgia
Trade Services Analyst



The Company

John S. James Co. was founded in 1941 in the city of Savannah, Georgia. Our mission of offering personalized service to the international transportation community quickly established our firm as a leader in the international freight forwarding and customs brokerage industries. Our founder’s initial vision, to provide unparalleled service to our customers, still resonates in our culture today. Our reputation for excellence is a direct result of our commitment to service and professionalism.

We are pleased to offer an attractive benefits package for all of our valued team members, which includes comprehensive insurance (including health, dental, vision, and life), 401(k), flex time (according to business needs), and a progressive paid time-off plan.

The Role

The successful candidate will be responsible for assistance in areas of solicitation services, HTS classification services, reconciliation services, ISF and in-bond support services, post entry filing, new client vetting, bonds, and contract services. 

The Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Solicitation Services
  • Create and initiate solicitation requests depending on client capability
  • Monitor supplier responses to Solicitation requests
  • Audit supplier responses, validating or rejecting responses as appropriate
  • Timely follow-up with suppliers to resolve any questions/issues
  • Work closely with suppliers and client to meet Solicitation completion deadlines
  • Attend and actively participate in status meetings with client
  • HTS Classification Services
  • Apply the General Rules of Interpretation (GRI), HTSUS Section and Chapter Notes, and utilize Explanatory Notes and Rulings to successfully determine proper HTSUS tariff code for U.S. Import operations or Free Trade Agreement (FTA) purposes
  • Utilize same tools above to determine other country HTS codes if required
  • Prioritize workload daily to meet import clearance deadlines or client-mandated time frames
  • Utilize all resources necessary to gain information to confidently determine HTSUS code
  • Appropriately apply determined HTSUS codes to client items using designated systems
  • Maintain documentation material for audit trail purposes
  • Provide properly formatted audit trail supporting each tariff determination citing applicable legal notes, Rulings, and Explanatory Note references and maintain any documentary evidence (emails, prints, worksheets, etc.) that supports the classification
  • Reconciliation Services
  • Gathers, formats, and analyzes client recon data in preparation for recon filing
  • Files recons in a timely manner ensuring against “late-files”
  • Bills clients for recon services appropriately and timely
  • ISF & In-bond Support Services
  • Monitors client notifications ensuring timely filing of ISF
  • Maintains databases for tracking of in-bond shipments including monitoring all communications that may affect in-bond movements
  • Provide reports as required
  • PSC & Protest Filings
  • File post-summary corrections as requested by internal and external customers
  • Track error types and metrics for compliance monitoring
  • New Client Vetting
  • Review new client information for compliance and financial risk measurement
  • Ensure appropriate documentation is obtained and retained for all new clients
  • Bond Desk
  • Assist in the acquisition and renewal of client bonds, including ensuring sufficiency is appropriate for the commodities and volumes to be imported
  • Contractor
  • The Contractor serves as a liaison between customer and various third-party service providers including the Import team facilitating the flow of information between all parties. The main responsibilities include:
  • Monitoring & Processing Trade Mailbox
  • Daily monitoring incoming emails to the Trade Mailbox and forwarding/sorting them to the appropriate parties. 
  • Receiving requests from brokers for information and forwarding to the appropriate party.
  • Providing documents and requesting other import info for brokers and administrators upon request (HTS, TSCA).
  • SharePoint Site Import File Creation
  • Contractor is responsible for saving all correspondence and files on site.
  • Bulk Survey Inspection Notifications
  • Identifying and monitoring all bulk shipments that come into the trade box.
  • Sending a notification email survey inspection company notifying that an inspection will need to be scheduled.
  • Ensuring all commercial documents, bill of lading, and the final discharge report are provided to the import team for entry.
  • Coordinates any change in ETA/schedule with the imports team.
  • Container dispatch
  • Monitors the movement of containers and, when delivered to the CY, is responsible for notifying the appropriate party for pick up.
  • ISFs
  • Ensures that all ISFs that come into the box are immediately sent to the appropriate party for filing.
  • Return Shipments
  • Completes and provides to the import the pro forma invoices for return shipments.
  • Requests and completes NOA labels for shipments and forwarding to the appropriate party for signing.

Qualifications & Skills Required

  • Education: High School graduate or equivalent. Four-year college degree, preferred.
  • Experience: Minimum 3 years in Customs-related work preferred. Licensed Customs Broker, preferred.
  • Working knowledge of Microsoft Office Suite applications including Excel. Knowledge of Microsoft Access, preferred.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, required.
  • Reporting Skills, Thoroughness, Organization, Attention to Detail, Research Skills, Problem Solving, Customer Focus, Quality Focus, Proactive, Dependability, General Math Skills, Analytical Nature


You can also apply for a general position at John S. James Co. using the link below.