How a Green Barge Helps Clean the Air at California Ports

Have you ever seen a big ship at a port with a huge arm over its chimney? That arm is part of a system that sucks up the dirty smoke from the ship and filters it before letting it out. This way, the air around the port becomes cleaner and healthier for the people who live and work there.

Ships are one of the main sources of air pollution in the world. They burn a lot of fuel that makes carbon dioxide, which causes global warming, and other harmful gases and particles, which cause smog and health problems. Some of these gases and particles are called diesel particulate matter (DPM) and nitrogen oxide (NOx).

California has some of the busiest ports in the world, where many ships come and go every day. These ports are also near many cities, where millions of people live. To protect the environment and the people, California has made some rules that require ships to reduce their pollution when they are at the port. One of the ways to do this is to plug into the electricity on the shore, so they don’t have to use their engines to power their lights and other equipment. This is called shore power.

What is a Green Barge and How Does It Work?

But not all ships can use shore power, because they are too big or too old or they don’t have the right equipment. For these ships, there is another option: a green barge. A green barge is a boat that has a special system that can capture and filter the exhaust from ships. It uses a renewable fuel, which means it comes from natural sources that can be replaced, like plants or animal waste. The green barge can remove almost all of the DPM and NOx from the ship’s smoke, and only let out a mix of carbon dioxide and water vapor, which are less harmful.

A company called STAX Engineering has made the green barge and is using it at several ports in California, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, and Oakland. These ports handle a lot of cargo, such as containers, cars, and oil, that come from or go to other countries, especially in Asia. The green barge can work with different types of ships, such as container ships, tankers, and auto carriers.

Why is the Green Barge Good for the Ports and the Planet?

The green barge is one of the ways that California ports are trying to be more green and reduce their impact on the climate and the community. By using the green barge, the ports can save money on electricity and avoid fines for breaking the pollution rules. The ports can also attract more customers who care about the environment and want to ship their goods in a cleaner way.

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