Trade Services

Duty Drawback

Obtaining refunds of import duties paid to the U.S. government on eligible merchandise can have a positive effect on an importer’s overall profitability. Our experts evaluate your transactions, and determine if your shipments are eligible for this U.S. Customs sponsored program and what documentation must be prepared in order to speed your claims. Our Duty Drawback processes are customized to meet the specialized needs of your organization, pertaining to claim requirements.

Consulting Services

Our professionals evaluate your transportation and distribution needs, and offer insight as to how best improve your operations. We assess customs compliance, transportation costs, shipping schedules, insurance liabilities and all other aspects of the international transaction in order to maximize your company’s efficiency, while minimizing your exposure to liability.

Import / Export Auditing

Our experts conduct compliance audits of your international processes. We provide peace of mind that your systems and practices meet with government requirements mandated under the Informed Compliance requirements of U. S. Customs, as well as any other regulatory agencies.